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CF210sp am/fm Dual-band Radio Kit DIY soldering kit

 The CF210SP radio kit includes the circuit board and a CD9088 chip, which uses an SMD IC package, electronic parts, and a TD288 amplifier package, enclosure, speaker, and antenna. Building it requires basic soldering experience and about 2 hours of your time. Patience is needed with the CD9088 as it is a Surface Mounted Device try not to overheat it as you solder it in place. This little radio is good for listening to the news, podcasts, and radio shows. Its output to the onboard speaker is limited due to the lack of resonance by the plastic body, use of Headphones is the best listening as the TD288 amp can really deliver performance when in use. The kit does come with instructions but is in Chinese, Its only use is to find component locations that are in English.

I will also include a building guide in English that will help greatly in a successful build price/$12