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Make your own balun either 1:1, 1:4, or 1:9.

All instructions are on the downloads page 

I will also send along a set with the Balun

Balun DIY kit V2
Antenna balun, uses a high-quality nickel-zinc magnetic ring, working in the 1-30MHz
band, high power can bear 100W-200W, can make very convenient high

Waterproof sealing box (has turned hole 
NXO-100 (31*18*7)-1 (Nickel Zinc Ferrite)
M-type RF interface (flange style) 
Ø1 Enameled wire Ø1 1.5m
Heat shrinkable tube  0.5m
The six outer angle screw  M8*25 
Multiple tooth antiskid gasket  M8 
Anti-loose nut M8 
Butterfly nut  M8 
The OT cold press terminal - 8 OT -8 
Pan head screw M3  
M3 nut (for fixed M) 
M3 welding piece M3 

  • HAM Equipment 1-30Mhz Shortwave Radio Magnetic Balance Kits adopts large-size high-quality nickel-zinc magnetic ring, which can work in the short-wavelength range of 1-30MHz.
  • 1:1 balun is suitable for bipolar DP antenna (inverted V positive V) antenna such as Yagi (40-100Ω). 1:4 balun for LOOP antenna and Winton antenna (200-400Ω).
  • 1:9 balun is suitable for long-line antennas, with manual day adjustment or automatic day adjustment.
  • It can withstand 100W-200W. It can easily produce high-performance balun to ensure efficient radio transmission and reception. It allows you to fully enjoy the fun of DIY.
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