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Show off your FCC Lic# or name at the next ham fest.
I only have (RED) in stock at this time Sorry
I can program what ever you would like into the badge before shipping if you like

Bluetooth LED Module Name Badge DIY Programmable Scrolling Message Board Mini LED Display HD DIY Electronic Kit


:Battery capacity: 260mAh   price/$9.50

:Battery type: lithium battery

:Charging time: 2-3 hours

:Standby time: 26 hours

:Screen size: 85*23mm

:Product size: 93*30*6mm

:Font spacing: 1.93mm

:Use time: 10-26 (depending on the brightness of the display, the use time is different)

:Wearing method: pin, magnet

:Brightness adjustment: 4 levels

:Storage capacity: 350 Chinese characters or 550 English characters

:4-speed adjustable brightness 4-character display LED luminous flashing word badge


Package Contents:

:1*LED luminous flashing word badge price/$12.50