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Pixiekit Switch Kit with 4 crystals 7.035 / 7.060 / 7.122 / 7.144

Pixie Switch: Swap up to 4 Crystal Frequencies in Your QRP Rig

Kit includes PCB, switch, header, and connector for easy installation. Add your crystals!

Introducing the Pixiekit Freq Switch Kit, a versatile solution designed to elevate your QRP rig experience. This switch comes bundled with four crystals featuring frequencies of 7.035/60/122/7.144 providing you with a spectrum of options for your transmissions.

The Pixie Kit Freq Switch Kit serves as a seamless tool for effortlessly switching between up to four distinct frequencies. With the inclusion of your preferred crystal frequencies, customization becomes a breeze, allowing you to tailor your QRP radio to suit your communication needs. The simplicity of this kit ensures that you can modify your setup without any unnecessary hassle.

However, the Pixie switch offers more than just crystal-changing capabilities. It stands out as a multifunctional component, providing enhancements that go beyond the basic switching functionality. Its thoughtful design takes into account the diverse needs of QRP enthusiasts, making it a valuable addition to any radio setup.

The kit encompasses essential components, including the PCB, switch, header, and connector, ensuring a comprehensive package for a seamless installation process. Whether you are an experienced operator or a beginner, the Pixiekit Freq Switch Kit offers a user-friendly experience, making it accessible to all levels of expertise.

This switch is not confined to its crystal-switching prowess; it opens the door to a realm of possibilities for optimizing your QRP rig. The Pixie switch is engineered to be adaptable, allowing for easy integration into various setups, making it a versatile choice for radio enthusiasts seeking both performance and flexibility.

In summary, the Pixiekit Freq Switch Kit stands as a reliable and efficient solution for those looking to enhance their QRP rig. With its four included crystals and user-friendly design, this kit provides a seamless way to switch frequencies and brings additional capabilities to elevate your overall radio experience. Upgrade your communication setup today with the Pixie Kit Freq Switch Kit and unlock a world of possibilities for your QRP adventures. price/$17