There is no need for worry about the sun blowing up due to the recent events in far galxies

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Sun spots, black holes, super novas, and more


 No, it is not possible for the Sun to "blow up" in the sense of a supernova explosion, which is what leads to the formation of a black hole. The Sun is classified as a main-sequence star, specifically a type known as a G-type main-sequence star. It is in a stable phase of its life cycle known as hydrogen fusion, where hydrogen is converted into helium in its core, releasing vast amounts of energy.

When stars much more massive than the Sun reach the end of their lives, they can undergo a supernova explosion, leaving behind a dense core. If the core's mass is significantly greater than about three times the mass of our Sun (known as the Chandrasekhar limit), it can collapse further under gravity and form a black hole. However, the Sun is not massive enough to undergo a supernova explosion or form a black hole. Instead, it is expected to evolve into a red giant in about 5 billion years and eventually shed its outer layers, leaving behind a dense remnant called a white dwarf.

Black holes typically form from much more massive stars or through other astrophysical processes, such as the collapse of massive stellar remnants in supernova events.

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