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This kit will be sent with all 3 crystals listed here 7.023/60/122 crystals.
With an included Crystal seat you can quickly change frequency.
The crystal seat will be attached to the 7.060 crystal when your kit arrives.

Introducing the "PIXIE" micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver - a small yet powerful kit that packs a punch! Despite its compact size and DC receiver limitations, this 40-meter band transceiver can work over several hundred miles when connected to a good antenna. Designed by LXQQFY, the "S-Pixie" is a great choice for radio enthusiasts who want a high-performing and easy-to-build kit. Don't wait, order your "PIXIE" kit today and experience the magic of long-distance communication!

 Improvements are as follows:

  The vertical resistance is changed to horizontal resistance, Solving the problem of resistance to short circuits.

  We do not distinguish between positive and negative electrodes of the power supply. The power input range is 9VDC-13.8VDC. But the higher voltage is advisable due to the onboard LM386 chip needs extra power to amp up audio output.

 The onboard buzzer sounds for the sidetone of the outgoing code. (use jumper silence), Added led signals when sending code.

 Acrylic shell.


 Power supply: 9~13.8V Volts DC, >500mA (Recommend the use of batteries) .

Antenna: 50ohm,7MHz, SWR<2.0 Receive: static current 20mA Transmission power: 1.2W Frequency: launch the vibration frequency,7023 KHZ Receives the local oscillator frequency: about 7023-7023 KHZ.

 Work mode: CW KEY price/$18