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                      Fully assembled and ready to transmit

Pixie: A Compact and Powerful Transceiver

This is a very small form factor transceiver built on an open-air PCB, based on the 40-meter band but is capable of vast amounts of modifications to move it to most bands on the Amateur Radio bands.

Despite its small size and DC receiver limitations (QPR), it is capable of working several hundred miles when connected to a good 40-meter antenna.

Pixie will be shipped with a 7.023 crystal installed


  • The vertical resistance is changed to horizontal resistance, solving the problem of resistance to short circuits.
  • We do not distinguish between positive and negative electrodes of the power supply. The power input range is 9VDC-13.8VDC. But the higher voltage is advisable due to the onboard LM386 chip needing extra power to amp up audio output.
  • The onboard buzzer sounds for the sidetone of the outgoing code. (use jumper silence), Added LED signals when sending code.
  • Acrylic shell.


  • Power supply: 9~13.8V Volts DC, >500mA (Recommend the use of batteries).
  • I recommend not running your Pixie on a 9vdc battery, you will hear just about nothing, boost your power to at least 11-12vdc for better reception, and the receive capabilities of the Pixie are dependent on good smooth DC power
  • Antenna: 50ohm,7MHz, SWR<2.0 Receive: static current 20mA Transmission power: 1.2W Frequency: launch the vibration frequency,7023 KHZ Receives the local oscillator frequency: about 7023-7023 KHZ.
  • Work mode: CW KEY.