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  • Voltage regulator input voltage range DC 0-35V/AC 0-28V, output voltage range DC 1.25-32V, can be continuously adjustable; the highest short-circuit current can reach 4.5A.

  • The regulator's bridge rectifier does not distinguish between positive or negative inputs
  • Load Protection.

  • The regulator power module with load protection prevents the regulator from being damaged, which may lead to damage to connected devices. 

  • INTERNAL VOLTMETER: so no need for an external voltmeter to adjust voltage output.
  • HEAT SINK: The power converter uses a large volume heat sink, which is cooling well, more stable, and durable.price/$18

LM317 Buck Voltage Converter Regulated Power Supply Module Voltage Regulator DC 0-35V AC 0-28V to DC 1.25V-32V