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DS1302 Round Clock with Acrylic shell

Get ready to experience the joy of building your own clock with our DS1302 DIY Electronic Kit Clock!

This kit comes with a rotating LED IC chip display module that not only displays the time and temperature but also has an alarm feature.

This kit is perfect for those who enjoy DIY soldering projects and want to add a functional and stylish clock to their collection. Don't wait, order your DS1302 DIY Electronic Kit Clock today and start building!

The instructions link will be provided after the purchase

A few of the pictures show blue PCBs you will receive black.

This kit is all though hole components no Surface mount components to solder

Excellent for the beginner to solder.

The clock kit has the functions of automatically adjusting brightness, alternately displaying time and temperature, with an alarm clock, and a memory function for power failures. 

Product Description:

PCB board size: length: 81mm width: 81mm

Working voltage: 5V USB power cord included.

Can be powered by a cellphone charger.

Functions: precise temperature measurement, precise timekeeping, power-off memory, alarm setting (can be turned on and off), physical light control (can be turned on and off).

Digital tube color selection: red.


1. Design with digital tube display principle;

2. Using the full plug-in component design, the production success rate is as high as 99.9%;

3. Design with digital tube display principle;

4. The time and temperature are displayed alternately, so you don't have to always look at the phone anymore to watch the temperature and the time!

5. With an alarm clock to remind you, you don’t have to worry about getting out of bed anymore;

6. With a light control function, it can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment (it can also be used as a night light); price/$15

DIY Rotating LED Electronic Digital Clock Kit Learning Board DC5V DS1302 + Shell