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This compact and stylish mini speaker can easily connect with your Pixie Kit, MP3 player, phone, PC, and other devices. It's convenient to carry, making it the perfect accessory to enjoy music or take your Pixie on the go. The speaker supports Line IN function, allowing you to receive the audio source from various devices such as Pixie Kit, MP3, MP4, PC, Notebook, and more. It can expand to resemble a Hamburger, creating an air chamber that resonates the sound from your Pixie Kit, producing hi-fi sound and super bass. The built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery provides long standby power and 2 hours of playtime. It takes only 3 hours to charge from your computer or 1 hour from a cell phone charger. The speaker has an elegant and stylish appearance, making it compact and portable. You can check out a demonstration of this speaker being tested on a Pixie Kit in this video: